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Who we are

The National Association of Taxi Users (NATU) along with others have long argued that the current law in relation to taxi provision is outdated.

We were pleased that the previous government agreed and referred the whole issue of taxi legislation to the Law Commission.

We believe all taxis, whether hackney cabs or private hire, must be held to the same high standards, just as bus and lorry drivers are expected to pass rigorous tests before driving.

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Taxis are changing

Learn the differences between
hackney carriages and private hire vehicles.

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Taxi standards

Taxi standards vary from one area to another and it is impossible to generalise.

Know what to look out for in judging local standards.

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Keeping safe

Unlike buses and trains, there are no national standards for taxis and safeguarding the public is left to local authority licensing officers and local police.

The standards set vary from one area to another – some have good standards of safety and customer care while others are lower.

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